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  • Gerard Irvington

    Gerard Irvington

    Hey, guys! I’ve been visiting this website for a while now, and let me tell you; it’s awesome! I have always had trouble with finding the articles that are closely related to my interests, but luckily, I found you! Now, I can’t imagine my day without paying you a visit, at least once a day. My son has also shown interest in technology, but he can’t read yet. So, instead of reading him some bedtime stories, I show him the cool pictures from your website. The kid loves them! He even tried to zoom-in a picture by touching my monitor.

  • Lindsey Brady

    Lindsey Brady

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon your website! I didn’t even know such a thing exists. The moment you publish an article, I make sure to read it immediately. The way you guys write these articles is great! I can’t take my eyes off of your articles until I read the last word of it. Thank you for sharing the news and information with us, I wouldn’t be able to find them online for days. The continuous updates and the talent of your writers is a perfect combination for a calm afternoon of reading about cool new stuff. I’m recommending you to all of my friends!

  • Bahadur Chhabra

    Bahadur Chhabra

    Hello. I’m a student from India, and I love your stuff! I’m in college, and computer science is one of my favorite things to talk about with my colleagues. However, we have some rules around the campus, so we’re not able to access many websites. Luckily, they do let us read yours. All of my friends and mates are addicted now, and we’re constantly debating about new technology that’s ready to hit the market. It is a lovely experience to have a group of people who follow the same website as I; we can talk for hours about a particular topic. Some call us nerds, but they don’t know what they are missing!